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401(k) Savings Plan - RR Donnelley

Summary Plan Description

January 1, 2012

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Who Is Eligible7

General Information7

For Employees of New Subsidiaries7

Enrolling in the Plan9

General Information9

The Enrollment Process for Newly Hired or Rehired Employees9

The Enrollment Process for Active Employees not Currently Participating9

When You Enroll9

Naming a Beneficiary10

When Participation Ends11

Plan Costs11


Contributions to the Plan12


How Pay Is Defined12

Before-Tax Contributions13

Before-Tax Savings Advantages14

Catch-Up Contributions14

After-Tax Contributions15

Rollover Contribution15

Making a Rollover Contribution16

Changing Your Contribution Percentage16

Company Matching Contributions17

Qualified Nonelective Contributions ("QNECs")17

Legal Limits and Regulations19

Information on Other Accounts19

Your Investment Options21

Investing Your Savings21

Investment Earnings23

A Few Words About Investing24

Regulations on Control of Your Account Investments24

Tax Credit Stock Ownership Plan ("TRASOP") Account25

Taking a Loan From Your Account25

Loan Provisions25

Applying for a Loan27

If You Are Disabled or on an Unpaid Leave of Absence28

Taking a Withdrawal29

After-Tax, Rollover, and Fund B Account Withdrawals29

Before-Tax, Matching and QNEC Account Withdrawals After Age 59½30

Financial Hardship Withdrawals30

How to Request a Hardship Withdrawal31

Withdrawals After Age 70½31

When Your Account Is Paid32

If You Terminate Your Employment32

How Your Account Is Paid32

If You Die33

Inquiries, Claims and Appeals Procedures35

General Information35

Procedure for Filing a Claim35

Initial Claim Review36

Initial Benefit Determination36

Timing of Notification on Initial Claim36

Manner and Content of Notification of Denied Claim36

Review of Initial Benefit Determination37

Procedure for Filing an Appeal of a Denial37

Review Procedures for Denials37

Timing of Notification of Benefit Determination on Review37

Manner and Content of Notification of Benefit Determination on Review38

Legal Action38

Situations Affecting Your Benefits40

Tax Information40

Military Service41

Other Situations Affecting Benefits41

Daily Valuation42

Administrative and Contact Information43

General Information43

Type of Plan43

Plan Sponsor43

Employer Identification Number of Plan Sponsor43

Plan Name and Number43

Plan Year End43

Agent for Service of Legal Process43


Administrative Fiduciary44

Appeals Fiduciary44

Allocation and Delegation of Fiduciary Responsibilities by a Named Fiduciary44

Benefits Center44


Investment Managers45

Source of Contributions45

Funding Medium45

Your ERISA Rights46

General Information46

Receive Information About Your Plan and Benefits46

Prudent Actions by Plan Fiduciaries46

Enforce Your Rights47

Assistance With Your Questions47

Supplemental General Information Regarding the Donnelley Stock Fund and the TRASOP Fund48


Limitations on the Sale of Common Stock Acquired Under the Plan49

Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences50

Where You May Find More Information50

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